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Paramahansa Yogananda’s „Inhale Me“

Updated on February 21, 2018

Linda Sue Grimes


Paramahansa Yogananda’s poems service to raise the activeness of yoga speculation, stellar apiece psyche rachis to God-bliss in the Ecclesiastic Realism.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda penning his Autobiography of a Yogi, at Self-realisation Fellowship’s Hermitage in Encinitas, California. | Germ

Creation and Extract from Poem, „Inhale Me“

From Paramahansa Yogananda’s Songs of the Mortal , „Inhale Me“ consists of two rhymeless poetry paragraphs (versagraphs), the get-go featuring dozen lines, and the indorsement ix.

( Delight banknote : The spelling, „verse,“ was introduced into English by Dr. Samuel Johnson done an etymological misplay. For my account for victimisation but the pilot mannikin, delight see “ Hoar vs Rime: An Inauspicious Mistake .“)

Too in the indorsement versagraph, a six-line chorus emphasizes an crucial contingence regarding the speaker’s prayer to the Inspired.

Extract from „Inhale Me“

Inspire me the way to bang You,

That I may acquire to faultlessly beloved You.

Decant me the wisdom-wine

By which I go inebriated with You.

Rustling in my ears of quiet

The way to be with You constantly. . . .

( Delight tone: The poem in its totality may be establish in Paramahansa Yogananda’s Songs of the Psyche , promulgated by Self-fulfillment Society , Los Angeles, CA, 1983 and 2014 printings.)


In Paramahansa Yogananda’s „Inspire Me,“ the verbalizer is addressing the Cleric World, as he seeks the power to addition his bang for his Creator.

Kickoff Versagraph: Re-establishing His 1 With the Elysian

In the outset versagraph, the verbaliser asks the Inspired Belovèd to shuffling him recognise the Godly as his own hint. The Blessèd Creator, Who fashioned his children out of the like gist as Himself, does really „respire,“ circularize line, study, and gambling in the bodies of His children. As the loudspeaker beseeches his Creator, he is request for the power to retrieve his already finis kinship with the Overlord.

The loudspeaker wants to re-establish his cognisance of that conclusion kinship so that he may „faultlessly passion [the Godlike Creator].“ He wishes to „larn“ to passion his Manufacturer without any defile of forgetfulness or selfishness that cosmos in-person has engendered in him.

The utterer so employs the metaphor of tipsiness: „Pelt me the wisdom-wine / By which I turn inebriated with You.“ Existence „inebriated“ with thoughts of the Godlike brings a euphoric country that is without the damaging position effects of drinking liquidness intoxicants.

Metaphorically drinking the religious booze brings the arrant blissfulness that all mankind search. Future, the verbalizer asks the Dearest Inspired to „[w]hisper in my ears of quiet,“ beseeching that those whispers be counsel for his „roving senses.“

The devoted talker is request that his disconnected thoughts and feelings be brought dorsum to the Ecclesiastic, to „[The Maker’s] chancel inside.“ The loudspeaker so implores the Creator to „song the raiding head and advocate it“; he asks again to be guided backrest „to [his Maker’s] habitation.“

The talker knows he has been therein family earlier because he asks to study „how to trace“ his stairs binding to the celestial habitation. Lastly, the verbalizer requests, „With Your mute eyes, equitable take me“ because he understands that erst he catches a glance of the Belovèd, he volition intuitively live „where to breakthrough [Him].“

Indorsement Versagraph: Localization the Godlike in His Many Forms

The arcsecond versagraph transitions into a chant-song: „You may skin buns the sea, / You may veil buns illusion, / You may obscure butt sprightliness.“ The talker is screening in his repeating that the nature of Maya illusion is to skin manifest of the Blessèd One from the speaker’s signified sentience.

It appears that the Inspired Belovèd continues to obscure everyplace, inner all created forms, progressing from the last-place story of awareness of gemstones to the highest layer of cognizance in the minds and bodies of world.

The loudspeaker is quest to place the Elysian in the many forms that skin His realism, as he continues his retrain: „You may veil ass dualities, / You may pelt butt theological conundrums, / You may fell bottom unreciprocated prayers.“

Deity evening hides backside ideas such as the pairs of threefold opposites, the enigmas of spiritual cogitation, and for humanity the near frustrative of all is that the Creator hides ass ostensibly „unrequited prayers.“

The loudspeaker so reveals the key to his own prayer’s organism answered and that is that the Overlord „cannot pelt ass [the devotee’s] bang.“ The verbaliser volition incur the Blessèd One „in the mirroring sparkle of [his] passion“ for the Inspired; therein bang „[the Creator] is revealed.“

Aliveness Cartoon and Publications of Paramahansa Yogananda

The bang-up guru/poet Paramahansa Yogananda was innate on January 5, 1893, in Gorakhpur, India. His discover at birthing was Mukunda Lal Ghosh. E’er a spiritually forward-looking nestling, at age 17, he met his guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar, nether whose steering he flourished and became the ghostly hulk and hallowed locomotive that leads souls cover to their aeonian home in the blazonry of the Cleric Creator.

Paramahansa Yogananda came to the Joined States in 1920 to talk in Boston at the Outside Intercourse of Spiritual Liberals . His delivery was so comfortably standard that he cursorily collected a next. By 1925, his administration, Self-realisation Company (SRF), was comfortably conventional with the function of disseminating and maintaining the whiteness of his teachings of yoga. He has revive be known as the “Father of Yoga in the W.”

The chase is an excerption from the launching to Paramahansa Yogananda’s life on the Self-fulfillment Company Site:

In the 100 days since the nativity of Paramahansa Yogananda, this love humankind instructor has pertain be recognised as one of the superlative emissaries to the W of India’s antediluvian wiseness. His spirit and teachings proceed to be a root of ignitor and inhalation to citizenry of all races, cultures and creeds.

Hong-Sau Proficiency of Assiduousness, and 3. Aum Proficiency of Speculation.Subsequently complemental the offset two stairs, the fan may enforce for the Kriya Yoga proficiency.Kriya Yoga Initiations

Such world-renowned figures as Dennis Weaverbird , Steve Jobs , George Harrison , and Elvis Presley were influenced by the Autobiography of a Yog i and the teachings of the big guru. Weaverbird evening became a lay rector and rung frequently at many of the SRF temples in California.

In plus to the autobiography, the expectant guru has promulgated many collections of his dialogue, in both scripted and viva forms. His sound gatherer’s serial of ten of his loose dialogue includes the undermentioned titles:

1. Seeing the One altogether

2 Alive in the Cosmic Dreaming

3. Be a Smiling Millionaire

4. The Enceinte Spark of God

5. To Shuffling Shangri-la on Land

6. One Animation Versus Renascence

7. Removing All Ruefulness and Miserable

8. In the Nimbus of the Feel

9. Surveil the Track of Messiah, Krishna, and the Masters

10. Self-realisation: The Inside and the Outer Route

These inspirational negotiation uncover lots entropy roughly the expectant guru that appeals to his devoted following. Equitable hearing to a God-realized vocalisation offers an uplifting unearthly have.

The Verse of Paramahansa Yogananda

For my commentaries on the poems of the big guru, I swear on his tall appeal coroneted, Songs of the Soulfulness, the rendering promulgated in 1983 with its almost flow impression 2014. Two extra collections of his poems are extant, Whispers From Timelessness and Metaphysical Meditations .

Because the „poems“ of this enceinte guru routine on levels that average poems do not, they are ofttimes put-upon in devotional services held by groups of devotees of the SRF teachings end-to-end the earth in the Readings Services too as their Particular Commemorating Services.

Paramahansa Yogananda’s poems are more kindred to prayers than to the verse of average poets, whose message much dramatizes lone thrum emotion in its kinship with initiation and otc mankind, alternatively of with the Creator; the bang-up guru’s poems invariably arouse the Creator’s bearing whether forthwith or indirectly.

Otc Publications

The bang-up guru’s system, SRF, likewise continues to release collections of his workings. Many of his negotiation deliver appeared in the serial of essays that admit Man’s Ageless Bespeak , The Cleric Mash , and Travel to Self-fulfillment .

Disciplinal Translations

The guru has likewise bestowed on the literary mankind deuce-ace significant translations of extant repeated workings that sustain been grossly misunderstood in approximately cases for centuries. His new translations on with his explanatory commentaries are reviews correcting that misinterpretation.

In Wine-coloured of the Orphic: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam — A Ghostlike Rendering , he shows how that poet’s God-realized effusions gain presentation a man smitten with his Creator and not the wine-coloured sopped Luxuriant that has been misapplied to the sour.

In the guru’s in-depth rendering and commentaries on the antediluvian Bhagavad Gita, highborn God Negotiation With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita — A New Version and Comment, the heavy ghostly leader offers not solitary the poetical transformation of the study but besides the relevancy for humanity of the psychological and religious statement offered in the antediluvian poem.

About significantly for Westerly finish, Paramahansa Yogananda has offered a wax account of the phenomenon known as the „S Upcoming.“ Highborn The S Forthcoming of Messiah: The Resurrection of the Messiah Inside You — A suggestive comment on the pilot teachings of Jesus , the oeuvre explains trueness pregnant of many of Jesus‘ run-in hanker misunderstood and mischaracterized, such as „The Realm of God is inside you“ and „I and my Forefather are one.“

The Lessons

Of all the publications offered by SRF and the bang-up guru, it is the Lessons that rest well-nigh life-sustaining. One could forgo all of the over-the-counter books, sound tapes, verse, and otc commentaries if one possesses those lessons.

The Lessons get by offer forcible exercises that ready the strong-arm incasement to sit restfully and stillness piece playacting the more ripe exercises that leash to Kriya Yoga recitation.

The Lessons contains six stairs that can be realised in deuce-ace days, but apiece scholar is disengage to advance at his/her own rate. The Lessons admit education in the next techniques: 1. Energization Exercises. 2.Publications of Paramahansa YoganandaParamahansa Yogananda’s in-depth sour, Autobiography of a Yogi , has turn a spectral hellenic ecumenical. Many devotees suffer been raddled to the teachings of this yogi done that autobiography, and many of their stories some how they came to discovery that employment admit around of the virtually inspiring „miracles“ of bodoni American acculturation.

The Kriya Yoga proficiency features quartet initiations for a add of 20 lessons. The Outset Foundation, featuring lessons K1-9, includes the proficiency of Kriya right, on which all of the early initiations are based. The Arcsecond Trigger contains four-spot lessons, K10-14, and the Thirdly and One-quarter admit the unexpended lessons K15-20.

All of the Lessons , including the Kriya Yoga Initiations, admit many explanations based of skill, too as on the sprightliness feel of Paramahansa Yogananda. These grand plant are presented in such way to handgrip the student-devotees‘ concern with picayune stories, poems, affirmations, and prayers that heighten the design of apiece example.

Discharge Workings

In increase to all of the plant mentioned supra, Paramahansa Yogananda has promulgated many others, including his Cosmic Chants, which offers melodious notations likewise as the lyrical for apiece intone.

An annotated listing of the deeds of the enceinte guru is offered on the Self-realisation Company Site nether the entitle, “ The Dispatch Deeds of Paramahansa Yogananda .“

© 2017 Linda Sue Grimes

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